INTACTA.CODE SDK Trial Edition v5.1

Intacta Technologies provided SDKs to allow developers to integrate it with their own software, the following is directly lifted from their site:

INTACTA.CODE – Software Developer Tooklits (SDKs)

INTACTA technology was originally developed for military applications requiring high level security for the transmission and storage of sensitive digital and paper documents over difficult conditions with limited bandwidth. INTACTA.CODEā„¢, is a patented intelligent graphic encoding system which enables digital data to be highly compressed, encrypted, error corrected, and encoded.

INTACTA.CODE SDKs addresses the full array of digital, wireless and hard copy security management. Developers can easily incorporate enhanced security across the entire spectrum of the content stream – from its creation-through its transmission to final its archive without sacrificing current compression or encryption methods.


INTACTA.CODE provides the best solution for creating a seamless stream that maintains security throughout the contents existence and unify disparate security requirements paper-based and digital. INTACTA.CODE incorporates the following design features:

  • Unique Graphic Encoding Format Provides both Security and Privacy
  • All non-voice ports – including Fax
  • Extensible to Mobile/Wireless Environments
  • Symmetric and Asymmetric
  • Mixed Content Security
  • Compatible With All Other Security Platforms
  • Secure Digital Signatures Compliance
  • Batch or Real-Time
  • Multiple layer Protections
  • Audit Trail enforce both paper and digital enterprise rules
  • Scalable
  • Transparent
  • Key or Keyless
  • Automatic Certificate generation
  • More Than Security – offers variable compression schemes and error-correction
  • Secure content distribution for ASP environments
  • Protocol Independent

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