Computer World – 27th November 1995

InfoImaging Technologies, Inc. has introduced 3D Fax 2.0 for file compression and transmission.

According to the Palo Alto, Calif., company, 3D Fax 2.0 lets users compress files into binary images and then fax the binary images to another 3D Fax user. The recipient then scans the printed binary image through 3D Fax and opens the application and document.

3D Fax 2.0 has a high-density feature for transferring documents among fax modems. This feature lets users transmit up to 110K bytes (up to 200 pages of text) of compressed data onto one page.

3D Fax 2.0 is a 32-bit, Microsoft Corp. Windows 95-native application. It requires a 386-based or higher PC with Windows 3.1 or Windows 95, 1½M bytes of available hard disk space and at least 4M bytes of memory.

3D Fax 2.0 costs $199.

Article from Computer World - 27th November 1995

Article from Computer World – 27th November 1995