Macworld – February 1997

Friendly Faxing to Your Mac

Fax modems are great for sending facsimile transmissions, but receiving faxes can be a problem unless you keep your Mac turned on. Now there’s the 3D Fax Pal, a $169 peripheral from Infoimaging Technologies (510/485-4000, that lets you receive faxes —up to 20 pages worth—even when your computer is powered down. You can also transmit faxes at 14.4 Kbps. Along with the 3D Fax Pal, Infoimaging has developed a Macintosh version of 3D FaxFile, a $199 software package that converts files into a single-page fax consisting of black-and-white dots that can be decoded on the receiving end. The Infolmage technology can compress up to 110 K of data.