PC Magazine – 27th June 1995

Receive a Color Image on a Monochrome Fax Machine

By Asa Somers

Developed exclusively for InfoImaging Technologies by its Israel-based sister company Fontech, 3D Fax uses compression and encoding technologies to condense up to 40K of data onto a single fax sheet. Additional security features let you “password-protect” incoming faxes.

It all starts with an electronic file – say, a color image of a train – that 3D Fax converts into code that can be sent directly to a standard fax machine. The fax machine prints what looks to the human eye like complete jibberish – but wait! Scan that sheet into your PC, and 3D Fax takes over. The software reads and decompresses the encoded data and the 5:15 arrives in full color.

The infoimaging technology behind 3D Fax compresses the data, allowing you to send large files directly to a modem in a fraction of the time. 3D Fax automatically recognizes the format of the transmitted file, restoring it to its original format and opening it in the appropriate application.

InfoImaging is now distributing a limited freeware version of 3D Fax; you pay only $6.95 for shipping or download it free from the Internet. 3D Fax Standard provides transmission savings of 65 to 70 percent, and also offers a “send-twice” mode for reliable transmissions to noisy fax environments. The Professional version of the software supports password security for faxes, color-optimization features, and additional fast transmission rates.

3D Fax Standard. List price: $99. 3D Fax Professional. List price: $199. InfoImagaing Technologies Inc., Palo Alto, CA; 800-966-1140; e-mail, .

Article from PC Magazine – 27th June 1995